SOLD – We’re selling our 2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 5-spd Wagon


  • Car was purchased in June 2013 with 134K miles from original owner in Boston area
  • Car was in FL from June 2013 to February 2014
  • Car has been in Southern NV from February 2014 until now
  • IP was replaced at 146K, original IP was leaking and eventually failed. Replacement was a brand new IP purchased from Bora Parts
  • MAF was replaced w/ OEM part at 147K
  • Serpentine belt and tensioner were replaced at 156K
  • TB was replaced at 164K in July 2016 with 100K mile timing belt
  • Rear brakes were done sometime in 2017 (I don’t have the mileage)
  • Large cooling fan was replaced in 2019 (I don’t have the mileage)
  • Oil changes performed w/ OEM filters and VW spec oil every 10K miles or less
  • Has aluminum evolution skid plate
  • Does not have the OEM stereo. A Kenwood unit was installed (see pictures)
  • Current mileage is 188,032 miles


  • Likely broken rear shock mount
  • No cargo cover
  • Gets about 42 mpg, haven’t investigated why it’s lower than it should be
  • Light rust on driver side door frame (see pictures)
  • Front bumper is missing some clips to attach it securely. It is fine, but will become detached if it gets hung up on a parking stop.
  • CEL – fault code 16512 – Coolant Thermostat Valve (N214) pops up every now and then. I haven’t taken the time to troubleshoot it yet.
  • Timing is retarded, I will adjust it to spec prior to selling
  • One of the middle air vents is missing the horizontal bars (see pictures)
  • Headliner material over the moonroof motor is missing (see pictures)
  • Couple of small cracks/chips in the windshield


  • Will sell with or without Yakima roof bars as seen in pictures
  • Will sell with or without timing belt change tools, other various ALH specific tools, Bentley manual
  • Will sell with or without Ross-Tech KEY-USB diagnostic device


Asking price is $2,800 without any of the above-mentioned extras